Checking your engine condition of your car


We often come across a situation when the engine condition becomes vital for us. It may be buying a used car or for your own car, checking the engine is the most significant job you do for the car. You might think that it is too technical and should be left to the mechanics. But to be honest with you, it is not. There is nothing so tedious about checking engine condition that you can’t do. There are few simple steps that should be followed to make sure that how the engine is doing.

Check the Oil Level


To check the oil level, your vehicle should be in the level surface. Just under the hood, you will find the dipstick. It is detachable and you can carefully pull it out from the holder. You just need to check the oil level and color of the oil. If the level is too low and dark in color then it suggests that the engine is bearing too much load is not getting good maintenance.

Check for the engine leaks

Now this is very important. Your engine might look very clear, but that does not rule out a chance of leakage. The best way to look for leakage is to check it from underneath. The transmission and the lower part of the engine should be dry. If you find oil spilling at the lower part or oil drops at the parking spot then the engine has got one or multiple leaks.

Find sludge in filler

The internal parts of the engine are not clearly visible all the time. However, the visible part should be thoroughly checked. Like the filler in the engine is a good indicator to the condition of the engine. If you find sludge in it then it is a concern for the engine. It can be seen by pulling out the oil cap under the hood.

The Timing belt

The timing belt of the engine should be replaced in subsequent time. However, if not changed on time, it can make a problem for the engine especially for the oil consumption … Read the rest

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10 tips to increase the fuel efficiency of your car


Driving a car has many aspects and fuel efficiency is one of the most important ones. The increasing price of the fuel and depleting oil and gas reserves in the world also push us for better mileage for our wallet and for the planet too. It is not too difficult to maintain fuel efficiency for a car. I have observed few general tips that can increase the fuel efficiency by a considerable amount.

Never Overload your Car

The more loads your car has to carry, the more fuel it consumes. The equation is pretty simple. The engine bears more loads and it consumes more oil. So, try to take out your load from the car if unnecessary stuff is present. I have observed that 100 pounds of the extra load reduces the fuel efficiency by almost 2%.

Accelerate smoothly

 Quick and sudden acceleration makes the engine work more. The more it works the more fuel it consumes. So, it is very important to maintain the acceleration of the car. Use it smoothly to get the maximum fuel efficiency.

Drive slow

 The faster you drive, less economical it becomes for the car. The speed of the car should not reach more than 60 mph. I have realized that it actually consumes more than 15% fuel in case of over speeding than optimal speed.

Check your engine health

 This could be decisive for fuel efficiency. Your engine should be tuned after a certain period of time and that brings a lot of difference in fuel efficiency. Apart from tuning you must replace the air filter and oil filter periodically in order to get maximum fuel output.

Tire Inflation

 Tire inflation should be optimum every time for better fuel efficiency. It increases the fuel efficiency by 33% and it should be inflated properly.

Never use brake too much

 Braking too much is not good at all for fuel efficiency. It puts a lot of load to your engine and that consumes large fuel.

Avoid overuse of Air Conditions


 Air conditions are necessary sometimes but you must not overuse it. More the use of … Read the rest

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